May 21, 2013


Jason Spikes Bio Press Release
Author: Jason Spikes
Updated: 7 – Feb 2018

From me to you :

Jason Spikes, known as the mad scientist on Good Hope FM, So let me take you behind the scenes, it all started, I realized I was able to put two songs together on the most basic platform which was nothing more than one cd player, dvd player and a dodgy old mixer, from there it kind of spiraled into a positive movement which would later cause the introduction of JASON SPIKES into the entertainment industry.

From bed room DJ’ing to getting gigs at house parties, I was able to start building a reputation which allowed me to crossover to under 18 events in clubs at the age of 16, next step as, I turned 17, I had played my first official over 18 club event.

Furthermore :

When I turned 18, I was invited to join the Good Hope fm team by playing a set on late night radio. This opened the door to further grow as a DJ and my pursue career as a creative producer by qualifying as a sound engineer. Since then, I’ve played at the most popular club venues in Cape Town while managing my Friday night residency on Good Hope FM that has a reached over 400’000+ people.

Other than DJ’ing, I’ve managed events as a stage manager and MC for big events like the Mitchell’s Plain festival and Clubbers Campout, These events have successfully had an attendence of over 10’000 and 60’000 people respectively.

The future has many positive outlooks and trust you will join me on my journey wherever it may take me.

Jason Spikes

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