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About jason

Jason Spikes, a Cape Town native, discovered his love for music at a young age and cultivated it into a thriving career as a DJ. With a decade-long residency on Cape Town's premier Party Radio Station and his own show, "The Main Stage," Jason garnered a massive following of over 200k listeners. Renowned for his seamless fusion of various genres like house, techno, afrobeat, and hip-hop, Jason's dynamic sets became a global sensation, earning him international tours across Africa. Beyond music, Jason is deeply committed to philanthropy, regularly supporting local charities and youth outreach programs. Today, he stands as a beacon of inspiration in the electronic music scene, leaving an enduring legacy through his unwavering dedication and boundless creativity.


Clubbers GLAMPout

June 23 – June 25 – Goudini Spa – 2017


1 July – Club Galaxy


29 July – CLUB 925 Worcester